Interior calls for calm because there are anti-terrorist measures in the face of the threat of ISIS to Champions League matches


Remember that it has mobilized 2,000 agents and that it has daily prevention and alert work against possible threats MADRID, April 9. (EUROPA PRESS) -

The Service of the Inside reviewed this Tuesday that it has enacted "all its initial admonition and security frameworks" despite the danger from the Islamic State (ISIS or Daesh) against Champions Association football coordinates with Spanish groups, so fans and residents can complete their day to day exercises "with inner serenity."

Interior sources have indicated that both the Government and the State Security Forces and Bodies have adopted "all the relevant initiatives" to guarantee the safety of fans and the Spanish citizenry as a whole, "who can carry out their daily activities with peace of mind." to know that Spain is one of the safest countries in the world".

This deployment, adds Interior, is coordinated and has the support provided for in the measures established in Spain as a whole by the Anti-Terrorist Prevention, Protection and Response Plan for the current level 4 out of 5 of anti-terrorist alert, to which have also been added different reinforcement orders to prevent this type of contingencies.

"As far as forestalling the psychological militant danger, the State Security Powers and Corps have initiated all their initial admonition and insurance frameworks, as well as the entirety of their reaction systems all set," the Service headed by Fernando Grande has underlined. Marlaska.


In the last few hours, the Islamic State has published several images through related media such as the Al Azaim Foundation and Sarh al Jilafa, one of them with the legend 'Kill them all', in which you can see a man with his face covered up carrying a rifle and the name of all the stadiums where 'Champions' matches are being played this week.

Spain, which is at level 4 out of 5 of hostile to fear monger alert, will have two of the duels of the most extreme mainland contest before long: Genuine Madrid will confront Manchester City this Tuesday at the Santiago Bernabéu, while Atlético de Madrid will get on Wednesday at the Cívitas Metropolitano against Borussia Dortmund.

In addition, Arsenal and Bayern Munich will meet this Tuesday at the Emirates Stadium in London, while FC Barcelona will visit Paris Saint-Germain at the Parc des Princes in the French capital.

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