Steps to start a loving relationship

There are different opinions among researchers about the causes of romantic relationships. Psychologists David T. Laken and Auke Telligen believe that romantic relationships begin entirely by chance. According to Fraser, the person's physical bio-chemical interactions have the greatest influence on the initiation of romantic relationships. David Buss, on the other hand, believes that the beginning of a loving relationship occurs as a result of fulfilling a coordinated process through several stages.

However, it is true that there are many factors, steps and factors that influence the establishment of a loving relationship if the communication process is going on.

Physical attraction No matter how much we say 'it is not right to judge a book by looking at it', but in real life we often implement the principle of 'first the visionary then judge the quality'. Physical attraction plays an important role as a major influencer in the initiation of romantic relationships in more or less everyone. The common saying about romantic relationships is to fall in love at first sight. Which actually occurs as a result of physical attraction in mate selection. According to many, physical attraction usually acts as the main regulator of love.

Disambiguation and Extent of Information

People share various information among themselves through communication. People are naturally interested in knowing various information about each other. It is through the exchange of this information that they try to bring clarity to their various issues. According to the theorists, the more information is exchanged, the more the scope and depth of the relationship increases. Again, it is not uncommon for two strangers to share various personal details that fail to create attraction. The exchange of information takes place in each other's psychological environment. The type and amount of information a person shares directly affects the person's subsequent interest in the relationship through outcomes and consequences.


Similarity acts as one of the most important influencers in the stages of romantic relationships. Many a times a relationship is nipped in the bud due to lack of similarity. This similarity may be ethnic, religious, mental, intellectual, philosophical, linguistic, educational, age, occupation and various social criteria. There are also cases where physical and emotional attraction do not pave the way for a romantic relationship due to lack of compatibility.


Proximity in love relationship is geographical and psychological. Researchers have expressed the opinion that those who are geographically close are more likely to have romantic relationships. On the other hand, psychological proximity rather than geographical proximity can play a significant role in the formation of loving relationships.

In the age of modern technology, social media has added a unique dimension to the possibility of creating loving relationships through emotional proximity despite being geographically distant. In fact, psychological acceptance plays a greater role than geographical proximity and distance.

Just as you can be psychologically close without being geographically close, so if you are geographically close but not psychologically close, there is no possibility of a loving relationship. How one perceives the other emotionally is very important in love.

Love relationships come in different ways in human life. Every good relationship starts with mutual consent. Some find new love at different stages of life or some want to cling to one particular love and live forever. It is absolutely true that love does not follow a pattern in everyone's life. But the influence of love accelerates people in different ways. The beautiful relationship of love makes every human life moving and memorable.

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