Discussing Bangladesh jail condition

Discussing with an accused in Bangladesh jail, the condition inside the Bangladesh jail was known. No money goes inside the jail. They have to settle their purchases using this PC book.

 Money is deducted from this book. Every room in the prison is huge. There are 60 to 100 people in each room. There is a big brokerage going on for allotment of seats. Each seat has to pay from five hundred to three thousand rupees.

Convicted convicts are in charge of managing each room. Every day you have to wake up before Fajor Azan. Again, after Maghrib prayer in the room, all the accused were imprisoned and locked. Inside there are places to play sports and places to hang out.

There are also facilities for doing handicrafts, facilities for prayers. Bath water is itchy. After 5 to 7 days of using bath water, the body starts itching. There are three meals in the morning two breads with vegetables and sometimes halwa.

Fish and rice for lunch and dinner. There are private shops. Officially, you will get 10 consecutive days to talk to your relatives on mobile phone. You can talk for 10 minutes. And you can meet your relatives outside after seven days, you have to buy a ticket and pay five rupees to meet them.

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