The Prosecutor's Office denounces Ayuso's partner for defrauding the Treasury of 350,951 euros


On February 13, the Prosecutor's Office signed a complaint for two crimes of tax fraud and one crime of forgery in a commercial document against a group of five people that includes Alberto Gonzalez Amador, partner of the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, according to a writing advanced by and accessed by EL PAIS. The total amount defrauded through a scheme of false invoices would amount to 350,951 euros, according to Treasury calculations, corresponding to the fiscal years of 2020 and 2021, in which those accused carried out businesses related to the coronavirus pandemic, being the main client the healthcare giant Quiron.

"The citizen, mindful of his expense commitments, has deliberately and willfully submitted self-evaluations of Corporate Duty, for the assessment time frames remembered for the year 2020 and 2021, not honest, neglecting to pay with his deceitful conduct how much 155,000 euros for the Partnership Duty for the year 2020 and 195,951.41 euros for the Company Assessment for the year 2021 in the Public Depository", sums up the objection.

The examinations center around the organization Maxwell Cremona Designing and Cycles Society for the Advancement of the Climate, whose sole chairman, as indicated by the grumbling, was González Amador. Altogether, their organizations would have introduced 15 bogus solicitations for made up costs adding up to 1.7 million euros, as per the examination.

“It has been detected that said company, with the purpose of evading its taxation, given the increase in the volume of business that it had experienced in those years, carried out certain behaviors, with the sole purpose of reducing said taxation, unduly deducting expenses under of invoices that do not correspond to services actually provided, invoices that were issued by the business organizations MKE Assembling SA de CV, Gayani LTD, Purpura Star SL, Baluarte Desarrollo de Centro Particular de Empleo SL, Desarrollo de CEE El Manantial SL, Bianconera Spa SL and Ginmosur SL", peruses the letter, which likewise subtleties the accompanying.

First, that “in fiscal year 2020, the invoice for an amount of 620,000 euros issued by the Mexican company Mke Manufacturing SA de CV in which Maximiliano Eduardo Niederer González acted as representative was deducted, a company that did not perform any service or work for the entity. Maxwell.”

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