Laura Matamoros' luxurious house, photo by photo: two floors, a cinema and 250 m2 of outdoor porch


  • Laura Matamoros acquired her house for a value of almost two million euros in a luxury development in Madrid
  • The 'Survivors' contestant lives in a luxury house with her two sons, Matias and Benji, after her separation from her ex-partner Benji Aparicio
  • The house of Kiko Matamoros' daughter has a 250m2 outdoor porch, a cinema and careful decoration with designer furniture
Laura Matamoros lives in a house worth almost two million euros. The 'Survivors' contestant has resided with her two children, Matías and Benji, aged five and two, in a luxury development in Madrid since 2021. A home that has 250 m2 of exterior porch, two floors, a cinema and A careful Nordic decoration with designer furniture.

Large wooden and Nordic style living room

The living room of Laura Matamoros' house is very spacious and bright due to the large windows it has. With the walls bathed in white and a parquet floor, the room has a large modular sofa with a beige chaise longue, with a modern square fireplace integrated into the central wall and above it, a large plasma screen. The rest area of the living room does not have a low central table but it does have a high natural wood shelf that surrounds the chaise longue and serves as support, with an elegant blue velvet armchair in one of the corners and on a large rug. of black and white stripes, which extend throughout the room.

From the living room, you can access the dining room of the house but first, Laura has created a meeting area by placing a round white marble table with four art deco style chairs upholstered in maroon velvet and aluminum legs. The area has a gold-colored designer lamp and a large wall painting that is a replica of a Mark Rothko. On her social media profile, we have been able to see the influencer enjoying small dinners and appetizers with friends, in this room that she has created inside her living room.

Dining room with wooden fireplace, chandeliers and a large guest table

Kiko Matamoros' daughter loves celebrations and meetings at home, as she shows us on her social networks, and to do so, she has a large round natural wood guest table with beige upholstered chairs in her dining room. to maintain the Nordic style of the house. The room has a beautiful wooden fireplace on which there are several candelabras with candles and an ethnic style painting with an elephant.

Its original fully equipped minimalist kitchen

The influencer's kitchen follows the style and color line of the rest of the house, but with a very original element that becomes the protagonist of the room. The surfaces are white and the storage furniture is smooth, modern in style and made of natural wood. On the counter, she accumulates several glass jars with cookies and food, and has all kinds of appliances to prepare the recipes that Laura shares so much. The most original area of her kitchen is the central wall of the room where they have a large rectangular mirror with a black frame on a beautiful wallpaper of tropical fruits and plant motifs.

The 'western' inspired bedroom of their children, Matías and Benji

Little Matías and Benji, five and two years old respectively, live with their mother in this beautiful house where they share a bedroom. The room is 'western' inspired since apparently Laura Matamoros' children love cowboys and the Wild West. The little ones sleep in a double wooden trundle bed and it has shelves that are full of books, toys and stuffed animals. The walls of the room are wrapped in a beautiful children's wallpaper of mustard yellow animals and flowers.

Cinema and 250m2 outdoor porch

Laura Matamoros' house also has a movie theater with large red seats and a huge screen on which the influencer projects her children's favorite movies and series. In addition, the two-story house is surrounded by a 250m2 exterior porch from which Laura Matamoros enjoys spectacular views of the Madrid mountains.

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