Cadiz 2-0 Atletico de Madrid: summary, goals and result


How do you rate the 2-0?

You have to do self-criticism. There are many defeats away from home for an Atletico team, this cannot happen. If we want to be on top, we have to make ourselves look at it. We are having a hard time, it is everyone's job to improve this. The team tries, wants to, but it is not working. We have to see what is happening.

What happens to the team?

They are streaks that pass, it is a bad one away from home. We have to be the same team away and at home and we are trying to work on that, but we are not achieving it. It is not normal.

A very poor first part

The most important thing is what happens in the areas beyond what happens in the center of the field. If you are forceful you win; They have been and they have beaten us.

How is the team recomposed for Wednesday?

It is another competition, another type of match. There is no need to say words, you have to act with actions. We have to turn the tie around. Our people are angry, but we want to make them happy, because they are always there, they support us, they spend their money to cheer us up. We have to have another attitude like we do at home.

Round afternoon: “When you haven't won for so long, it was very necessary. Three very important points against a great rival. We continue in the fight and we are going to give our best.”

Good in the areas: “The game turned out well, we were successful in attack and Conan saved us in a couple that would have put Atlético in trouble”

No surrender: “This is a kick, we needed this victory like eating. We have many finals left, there will be complicated games, but Cádiz is not going to give up.

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