They reveal the accusation against Trump: he will be charged with more than 30 federal charges in the case of classified documents

The indictment against Trump for handling classified documents that he took to his residence at the end of his term contains a total of 38 criminal charges, including making false statements and conspiracy to obstruct justice.

The Justice Department unsealed federal criminal charges against former President Donald Trump on Friday, accusing him of mishandling classified documents found at his Florida home and obstructing government efforts to recover those materials.

According to the document, a Miami grand jury agreed to bring a total of 38 charges against the former president related to mishandling of confidential White House documents.

This is the first time that a former president of the United States has faced federal criminal charges, as well as the biggest threat to the former president who is seeking the Republican nomination to compete again for the White House in 2024.

What are the charges against Trump?

Trump and his co-conspirator Wally Nauta face a total of 31 criminal charges related to the "willful withholding of national security information," which are violations of espionage law and could carry up to 10 years in prison for each. post.

The special prosecutor filed a charge for each of the withheld documents, which were marked Top Secret or Secret and are related to plans, procedures, and confidential information regarding military capabilities and other issues related to other nations.

The 32nd charge is for "obstruction of justice" so that Trump could keep in his possession "confidential documents removed by him from the White House and hide it from the federal grand jury."

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